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The Kabbalah Centre Columns. Capricorn weekly astrology forecast february 3 michele knight. Horoscope: Horoscopes for the week ahead - what does your astrology. Not your average horoscope, instead a weekly astrology forecast of. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope, Scorpio this week, Scorpio next week. Horoscope: Weekly horoscopes by Russell Grant - first week of July. Weekly Astrology. Astrology: March - Happiness Series. Weekly Horoscope, free Weekly Horoscopes for 12 Zodiac signs. Weekly Astrological Forecast for September 2 through. Ask the Astrologers. This is no time to pretend to be anything other than who you are.

Opportunities to showcase your talents are just one benefit Jupiter in your 5th promises. Do the work, take the first step to living and expressing yourself — then go along for the ride. Children, young people, the next generation. If you are a parent then your relationship with your child ren will benefit from Jupiter in here. You may also embrace new ideas around parenting as Jupiter rules higher education and philosophy.

Some of you may decide to become parents under this cycle.

A word of caution as Jupiter always expands — if the patter of tiny feet is not for you right now then take extra precautions to ensure this does not happen! Even if you are not a parent or desire to be one, expect children, those younger than you to play a role in the good times for you in Or perhaps this is just about giving your inner child permission to create, have fun and play?

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We cannot talk about your 5th without talking about love and romance. Looking for someone who will love you just the way you are? They will most probably be laid-back, well-travelled and effortlessly funny and sexy in equal measure. Like you, they have a generous nature when it comes to those they love. This is also a cycle of creativity where ideas burst forth like stars. Express yourself to impress. Especially when it comes to career matters. The year begins with ruler the Sun conjunct Saturn which rules your career sector in your house of work.

You also have a partial solar eclipse happening in here on Jan 6. I had a great deal to say about eclipses in the forecast for your Cancer neighbours. The reason being of course that eclipses involve both the Sun and the Moon and Cancer is Moon-ruled. So, your 1st and 7th houses were affected and this would have been about personal relationships, partnerships and you and another be it a romantic, business, collaborative or deep friendship or even that opponent.

What we see as the New Year begins is one final eclipse take place in your 1st house on Jan 21 which will be a total eclipse of the full Moon. This is also a supermoon. Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal.

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This is all about a deep emotional connection and a release to come. The first of which as I said, occurs on 6 Jan. The eclipse in your 6th at the start of the year could be setting you up for bigger work and career changes to come. Choose a little adventure of your own. Final Thought: Let yourself think about and visualize that CRAZY thing you thought could never happen or financially just seems impossible. Give yourself time to daydream what it would feel like if it happened! Oh, I got flooded with emotion when I wrote that—like tears of joy. Yes, do that! Virgo, this is exciting — you are finally being able to see out to the distant horizons.

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Your far-reaching vision is expanding and with that sight inspiration is flooding you. See that big picture and use it to guide you in the here and now. You know what you want and know how you want to feel in that life. Now go out and start making it happen. It feels as though there is a male in business who can help you navigate this brand new territory. The best part is this vision bleeds into all areas of your life. Love relationships and friendships are all slowly falling into alignment with the greater vision. Keep going even when it feels a little overwhelming. Final Thought: Travel feels really good for you this month.

Take that business trip and extend it if you can.

Jump on the jet, helicopter or boat. Oh Libra, wow! This month feels quite overwhelming in this incredibly powerful way for you. Get ready for a big spiritual revelation. You are walking through the gate of consciousness into another realm. My whole body is tingling as I write this. Get ready to be guided into a whole new level of living. You are connecting to support from the other side, another dimension, your guides or your ancestors.

And on another note from this material world, your love life is expanding as well.

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Final Thought: Go to a meditation group, your favorite yoga class or a reiki master. Let yourself be held in a space that allows more connection to your higher self! New life is emerging Scorpio! For some of you this could be an actual birth, a conception! For more of you this is your new life—new insights, new beginnings. An attunement is happening so you can welcome this newness in.

Final Thought: Practice saying thank you this month. Out loud. To your love. To strangers. Just do it.

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August is a blessing for you Sag. Family, finances, your self-confidence. Everything just feels like such a blessing.

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Use this month of peaceful bliss to get the right nudges forward for you. You have some new projects, new beginnings circling. More important than exploring those is seeing yourself working in what you want. Can you write out the plan? Journal your vision? This fall is going to be pretty fast-moving so enjoy this time.